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Missionary to Israel

Sofia Levin
“…Woe is to me if I do not proclaim the Good News!”
(1st Cor. 9:16)

Sofia Levin ~ Sharing the Gospel with the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel

Sofia is now returning to Israel to restart her work amongst the deaf. She will take part in daily street evangelism, something that few dare to do in light of the constant threat of physical harm from the ultra-Orthodox Jews. In the past, Sofia has been beaten, spat upon and literally ran out of town. Yet, for the sake of the lost sheep of the House of Israel, she is willing to go back.

Sofia is blessed with a unique gift that allows her to witness to the most neglected part of the Israeli society – the hearing-impaired Russian Jews.

She will continue her ministry to the deaf serving as a congregational sign language interpreter and a social worker. The staff of “Grace and Truth” is very excited about Sofia’s return. Here are just some examples of what they think of Sofia: “She loves the Lord and has a soft, gentle bearing that endears her to any who make her acquaintance. Sofia is also bold as a lion and a very hard worker...” —Baruch Maoz, Pastor of Grace and Truth congregation.

“…Sofia established herself as a true believer, who has a great love for the Lord and His people. She never misses an opportunity to help her fellow believers, often, at the expense of her own personal resources and free time…” — Elders of Grace and Truth congregation.

To learn more, please call Gleb Glohovsky, (913) 780-3588.